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Are Evangelicals going to have to look for a new party?
November 21, 2008, 2:48 pm
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Now that the election’s over, I suppose people need someone to blame.  I’ve been hearing similar themes all over the place.

Evangelicals – A Drag on or Essential to the GOP?

As an evangelical, I find this amusing.  The implication is that the GOP caters too much to us and it turns away independent, moderate, or swing voters (who, in my opinion, are generally the sort to place their bets at the very last call in the hope of saying they voted for the winner).  What election were they following?  I didn’t feel catered to at all.  And when McCain threw us a bone with Sarah Palin (who I really do like) he quickly squelched any feelings of goodwill with all the socialist bailout talk.  And he completely lost me when he of so much integrity that he has never asked for an earmark for his district, voted for the bailout monstrosity loaded with earmarks.  I guess there’s convictions and then there’s political expediency.  But I digress . . .

It seems the GOP is at a crossroads.  Did they lose some voters because of their pro-life platform?  Probably.  But they lost a lot more because they came across to many conservatives as the liberal-lite party.  So we stayed home (well I voted, but not for President).  In my opinion, it’s very simple.  Be representative of me, or don’t expect my vote.  I think the GOP has taken the evangelicals for granted for too long (like the Democrats do with the African-American vote).  They make the same promises but never take any action.  And they don’t have to because where else are we going to go?  Fortunately, unlike politicans, most evangelicals have convictions that they are not willing to throw under the bus for anything.

So let them boot us out if they like.  When they start losing elections by 25 points instead of 7, let them come crawling back.  And we hold their feet to the fire.  We have a moral obligation to our core principles.  They are not about being “mainstream” or popular but obedient to God’s Word.  As it turns out, there is a higher authority than government.  And I’m more interested on being on His side then the winning side of any election.

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