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“Demented” Homeschoolers
November 21, 2008, 3:38 pm
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Joy Behar on The View

Well the day people start taking Joy Behar seriously is the day we’re all in BIG trouble.  I’m not the type to play the “I’m so offended now apologize” card.  Life is life and sometimes it’s offensive.  So I’m not mad, but as a homeschooler I can say my kids aren’t “demented” or afraid of other children (I’ve never met a homeschooler who fit that description actually).

I just wonder why in the wonderful culture of diversity we’re trying to cultivate in this country, homeschoolers are never a group to celebrate for thinking outside of the box, but a group to be berated for being out of the mainstream.

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I feel the same way. People and ideas are tolerated as long as they don’t go against the mainstream. Homeschooling bucks the trend that applauds mainstream and I think people feel threatened by it. I’m a homeschooler as well.

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