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a very sad state of affairs
November 23, 2008, 10:04 pm
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I have been following the “Emergent Church” movement and have found several things that disturb me – maybe sometime I’ll be able to put them together in a brief blog-appropriate fashion.  This article, though not particularly surprising, simply makes me sad.

Emergent church leader says “gay” can be biblical lifestyle

I suppose this is as good a place as any to give my personal convictions about homosexuality.  I do not believe that being gay sends you to hell.  I believe not having a relationship with Jesus Christ is what leads to that eternal separation from God.  That being said, however, I think the Bible is pretty clear that homosexuality is sin.  It is not pleasing to God.  You can add that to an amazing list of ways that man has come up with to be disobedient.

As Christians, we are supposed to be maturing in our walk with Christ and moving towards perfecting ourselves in His image.  And while this work will not be completed on this earth, I do believe that it is something God expects from us.  The most passionate mountain climbers attempt to scale Mt. Everest, and I believe God would have us be as passionate about our relationship with Him.  As we mature in Christ, our desire for sin should fade away.  We become unwilling to indulge in a momentary pleasure that will interrupt our relationship with God Almighty.  As we seek Christ, and He lovingly embraces us, His will becomes clear.  And because we have life in Him, we are happy to follow where He leads.

This system breaks down when those who stand in earthly authority (really only attributed to them by other men) tell us that sin is not sin.  They tell us that regardless of what the Bible says, it is a new day and a new culture and that which God found detestable thousands of years ago is a wonderful expression of love.  They tell us that God accepts us and we should accept each other.  Now when the still small voice of the Holy Spirit tries to mercifully lead us away from sin and disobedience, we tell Him He must be wrong.  My desires say so.  My culture says so. The pastor said so.

And in this instance I can honestly say I am more concerned for the pastor who told his congregation that sin was acceptable to God then the people under him who are trying to follow God’s Word and the church’s and find it confusing.  If a man assumes to speak for God, he better be well prepared to stand before God and account for himself.

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