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Why does this make so much sense to me but not to other people?
November 24, 2008, 11:37 pm
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Welfare’s Devestating Effects

My thoughts on this subject could keep me at the keyboard for days, so for everyone’s sake I’ll go the other way and be brief.  Why anyone thinks that forcing the entire population to pay taxes into a fund that send checks out to the “downtrodden” is a good idea is beyond me.

First of all, there’s the obvious problem of fraud.  The system is too big and dealing with too many people and too much area to be effectively administered.  Fraud breeds resentment.

Second, it doesn’t work.  The article above refers to welfare in Britain, but it’s the same story here.  LBJ’s war on poverty was an abject failure.

Democrats’ War on Poverty has Failed says it much better than I can.  It’s a little long, but very beefy.

Third, it discourages people from providing or accepting the real solution – communities helping their own members in need.  A faith-based group or local community organization can provide more individualized help faster and more efficiently than any government program.  Guaranteed.  And in the process, relationships can be formed that bind a community closer together.  People who have been helped in their time of need can turn around and help someone else.

But my biggest problem with the welfare system (as with most government programs) is that it lulls Christians into thinking they’ve done their part because they pay their taxes (and gotten all the non-believers to pitch in too).  Baloney.  Jesus called for us to care for the poor, but also to share with everyone the very great love of Christ.  How can we do this if our “caring” arrives as a sterile envelope in a mailbox, sanctioned by a goverment required to be non-partial in religious matters?  It’s simple, we can’t.

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