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Another Madoff boo-hoo story
January 22, 2009, 1:04 pm
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West Goshen widow’s riches-to-rags story

For some reason, I’m supposed to feel bad for someone with over 7 million dollars lying around to invest?  And I’m supposed to feel bad that she invested it all in one place?  I don’t even invest and I know you’re supposed to diversify!  The next thing you know, Congress will be bailing them out and my taxes will go up.  We’re just squeaking by (and that was before my 10 year old mini van died and I had to go buy a 5 year old one to replace it) but I’m sure the government will decide we can afford to help.

1/23/09 – OK, I admit I wasn’t feeling particularly charitable yesterday when I posted this (I hear reading Atlas Shrugged will do that to you).  I do feel bad that this woman who worked hard for a long time has lost everything.   I really do.  But why place all your money with one group?  Why not insure your investment (I know, I know, it costs money – but really)?  There were so many options available to this woman (including stashing her money under her mattress) but she CHOSE to go with Madoff.  I suppose I’m less trusting of people I don’t know and of “too good to be true” sorts of deals.  And frankly, I imagine that with the economy and social security being what it is I’ll never have the opportunity to retire, much less in style.  The best I can hope for is to become so old and senile that my family takes pity on me.   And I don’t begrudge anyone their money or lifestyle – as long as you don’t come whining to me about it when you lose it.

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